Cathryn Zucker

Selling a Home

When you are considering selling your home I am also interested in meeting with you right from the start. You have questions, I am sure that you will want to ask of me. And I can explain the home selling process today and current market conditions. I can advise you how to best prepare your home for sale so that it "sparkles" and maximizes the price to you.

Preparing to Sell

We will want consider exterior curb appeal and interior appeal. A freshly painted front door and maintained lawn invite buyers in. Cleanliness and neutral colors inside are paramount. Painting is the simplest and least expensive improvement you can make to your home. An expensive updated kitchen is not always the way to go. You are now trying to think like a buyer. What is the buyer looking for today? Trends change. I can go through your home with you to identify what you can do to your home to best present it. It may be to clear the clutter to make your home appear larger and brighter. It may be small updates, little fixes where items are worn, or repairs that would be identified by the buyers' home inspection. We want buyers to see your home as having been well maintained. We will identify these specifics to your home together.

Setting a Sales Price and Disclosure Forms

There are a multitude of disclosure forms which you, the sellers, must fill out today. I will assist you in answering the questions and explain your personal requirements and legalities.

I will help you determine a price to list your home and discuss a price you may have in mind. I will prepare a Competitive Market Analysis (CMA) with data from my MRIS system to assist us… It will compare comparable homes in your neighborhood that have recently sold, homes that are currently for sale, as well as homes that did not sell. We don't want to set a price too high where we do not attract buyers. Nor do we want to set a price too low where the buyer knows he got a bargain and would have paid more.

I will discuss the current market conditions and how that affects you.

Net from the Sale

After you list your home with me and Weichert, I can estimate the sum you would receive at settlement. Based on the sales price I will subtract what you owe on mortgages, the sales commission you agree to when you list your home with me, transfer taxes shared with the buyers, prorated charges for property taxes and HOA/condo fees for example, seller closing costs assessed by the title company and other costs you agree to pay in your contract.


In marketing your home my goal is to make your home available to as many agents and buyers as possible. First I will list your home in our MLS system which Realtors (add trademark) in our area have access to. It will be distributed to our Weichert web site and other Broker sites as well as a range of familiar sites like Zillow and Trulia as well as Google and Yahoo web sites. We know that over 90% of all buyers begin their home search online today. I will promote your home in my office and tour it with our agents. I will arrange for a weekday Brokers' Open to bring in agents from other Weichert offices and other Brokers. The first day I will have installed our big, yellow Weichert sign with my office phone number and my personal contact. Neighbors can't miss it from a distance and will call us. I will schedule an open house our first weekend and invite neighbors. They may know friends and colleagues looking for a home like yours. I will send out local mailings.

From Contract to Closing

Once we receive an offer from a buyer, we will evaluate its merits and how it meets your needs and expectations. We will decide whether there are items you wish to respond to, or accept as written and formalize a legal contract. Or we even reject out right and wait for another offer. Once a contract is ratified, I will guide you through the next steps of inspection and repairs, appraisal, and settlement. I am there to communicate with you and the buying side to resolve issues that may arise to ensure we get to settlement.

Let's get started.